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Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage and Yoga

Whether your massage is for relaxation,  deep tissue or pain relief, there is no ‘maybe’ about how you feel after a full body, deep tissue massage and Kripalu hatha yoga.

I have been doing medical massage since 1997.  My massage is skilled, gentle and effective. Trigger point therapy is a scientifically-proven, gentle and efficient therapy to eliminate pain. I have helped many people afflicted with stress from life’s daily challenges to injuries and repetitive movements. I also offer clients ways to continue healing with skills in self-treatment.

Relaxation, Deep Tissue Full Body massage at a pressure level that suits you for total relaxation. My studies in Trigger Point massage allows me to cover every major muscles to make sure that everything gets covered. Stress melts away without any heavy-handed work. The goal of my massages is to treat you with soothing, relaxing touch. You leave feeling refreshed and peaceful.

Finally, my philosophy in therapy and yoga is to take care of my clients/students to feel relaxed and soothed, to learn skills to take with you between therapy sessions and when you are off the mat.


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Jonathan Garber, LMT



Jonathan Garber, LMT
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Jonathan Garber, LMT
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